Friday, January 3, 2014

It is cold in Boston, today!

Thankfully, it has stopped snowing here. in Savory Green headquarters! There is still clean-up to do, though! My cousins are coming tonight, so I am baking apple spice muffins for tomorrow's breakfast. All organic ingredients and quite delicious, with a cup of coffee! Stay warm! Chef Tracy

Thursday, January 2, 2014

More sustainable food reminders for 2014!

Dear Friends of Savory Green,

Let's keep our commitment to healthy, green foods and practices in this new 2014 year. Please read all food labels to ensure that you are getting true foods, comprised of authentic ingredients! I hear many people say that they do not read food labels; they shop by the most inexpensive prices. Careful shopping is always important, but often these, "Frankenfoods" comprised of genetically engineered ingredients, are made to replicate the foods and ingredients that people enjoy, but they are not the same healthy food products that you may be pursuing. These items are often of lower price value. Buyer Beware! Know what you are purchasing and who you are supporting with your purchases!

Chef Tracy

Happy New Year, 2014!

Happy New Year to all! This is another great new year to cherish friends and family, learn new things and eat great foods! Our new year, 2014 is beginning with a winter snowstorm in Boston. Right now, I am thinking about making hot cocoa and delicious chicken soup! Stay warm!

Chef Tracy